As you know by now, I am a serial entrepreneur. I make my money alot of ways via the internet. One of the way is through internet marketing. These are the services that I offer to clients for $35 dollars a day with no contract, no upfront fees. (btw - if you want to make money, and passive income, all you have to do is refer clients to me and you can make $10 a day for the duration of time the clients utilizes my service.) That is a huge number if you think about it. You are making 28% of what I am making each day for doing almost literally nothing except referring a client.

Please understand that the services that I am listing is somewhat a comprehensive list of everything I provide, but it doesn’t mean that all clients require all services. Each client is unique and I usually do a free consultation and analyze the prospective clients business and their goals before I take them on as clients. After the consultation, I tell them what I can offer them and how I can help them grow. If they chose to advance, I provide the service and become an integral part of their business growth.

So here is the list of service that I provide:

  • Consultation 
  • Motivation and inspiration
  • Marketing
    • Local Listings and classifieds
    • Search engine advertising
    • Contextual advertising via google adwords
    • Display ads advertising
    • Geo specific advertisings
    • Group buying marketing 
    • Mobile marketing
    • Social media marketing
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Video marketing
  • Webdesign - webdevelopment (This is not my strong suit but I have a team that does it for me to make sure the results helps with the goal of marketing)
  • Monitor website analytics
  • Using analytics to help with clickthrough rates
  • Helps to increase conversions for your business
  • Phone call tracking services (this requires you to sign on to a third party service). Utilizing this, you will get statistics and with that statistic, you can make decisions on how budget your marketing needs
  • Help create blogs
  • Create email marketing strategy and launch email marketing programs

Whatever businesses or personal interests someone has, I can help take it to the next level. And at $35 dollar a day, it is worth the investment.  And the fact that you can cancel anytime if you don’t think my service is good enough, it makes the deal a no risk, no brainer deal.

But if you are on tight budget and want to learn how to do all the things above yourself. Then please buy my membership package. Inside my members dashboard area, i teach you how to do all the things above. And because you’ve read all the way to here. I am going to give you a special discount. Instead of paying $197 for the package. You can get it for a small one time fee of $67. Click here to purchase access into the members dashboard area for $67.