How to register a business in Florida

Ever wanted to start a business on your own? Do you have that entrepreneur spirit in you? Well, if you are like me and have that drive to start your own business and be the owner, then you are in the right place. I am going to help you maneuver around the web and show you how to register your business with the state of Florida. 

There are two essential part of starting a business in Florida. First you have to register with the state, then you have to get an EIN number. There is a third part too, which is to register with the city that you are in. Because most of my business is online, I only do state registration.

Registration of your business with the state of Florida.

  • Go to 
  • Next do a business search to see if the name is registered by someone else yet.
  • For example, I am starting a wheelchair transportation service company. So I go to the link above and then type in the "wheelchair transportation service” 
  • The results indicate that there are inactive company. So they would allow me to register it.
  • Then I would go to the articles of incorporation page  on to register your business.

Registering your EIN number

After you’ve register your EIN number and your business with Take both pieces of information and head to the bank  to open a bank account for your new business. Then start conducting business. Please remember to register with the city if you are running a local base business.